A car inspired by a caravan? Designers are always telling us that their ideas for the latest vehicles have come from the unlikeliest of places, but an old caravan?

Perhaps the most serious part of this car is the power source. Just like the Ford Edge we have already driven it features the firm’s electric- hydrogen fuel cell HySeries Drive.

The lithium ion battery is charged up from the mains supply. When this runs down to 40 per cent of its power, the hydrogen fuel cell seamlessly steps in to recharge it. This gives the vehicle a range of about 225 miles, until both the batteries and hydrogen are exhausted.

The system works remarkably well, with instant power delivery, thanks to the Airstream’s two electric motors, one over either axle, offering all their available torque in one lump. It’s quiet, too.

I just hope that they start to build something similar to this using the drive train and power soucres from the Airstream soon.

Source -AutoExpress.Co.UK

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