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  1. Mark Jenkins: Street Installations – XMarkJenkinSX.Com

    Great semi real life art installations with links to more photos and videos of each installation under the main photo

  2. The Software Awards Scam – SuccessfulSoftware.Net

    This is hardly surprising when you consider that it is just a text file with the words “this program does nothing at all” repeated a few times and then renamed as an .exe. The PAD file contains the description “This program does nothing at all”.

  3. TripAdvisor: Facebook App Acquisition “Untrue” – Mashable.Com

    “The sense of disbelief at TripAdvisor’s reported $3 million acquisition of the Facebook app ‘Where I’ve Been’ may be well founded. We just got an official statement forwarded to us, “This is untrue. Beyond that, we do not have any comment.” “

  4. Reality-Checking at Heathrow – TheStar.Com

    “I missed my family. I hadn’t been home in three years. So I went home.” By Harvey’s calculation, one such flight every four years is at the very outer limits of acceptable, based on the premise that everyone in the world has an equal right to pollute.

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  1. MarketWatch.Com – Social Networking For the Financial Set – Mashable.Com

    The site is live now, but it is unclear if this is the exact site that was rumored to be coming from a combination of Dow Jones and IAC as far back as March. It is difficult to believe Dow Jones would be involved in two such sites, but odder things have h

  2. Google’s Growth Has Come at a Price – San Jose – MercuryNews.Com

    Antitrust regulators in the US are probing its proposed $3.1 billion purchase of DoubleClick, and European regulators are poised to follow suit. Meanwhile, open-source activists are developing alternative search engine.

  3. Mob Lays Siege to Police Station – England – Norfolk – BBC.Co.UK

    The attack in Great Yarmouth happened after police arrested three people in a van carrying sound equipment. Police said 200 officers then broke up an “unlicensed music event” at a warehouse on Harfrey industrial estate outside the resort.

  4. Star Wars Duo ‘Least Convincing’ – BBC.Co.UK

    LEAST CONVINCING SCREEN PARTNERSHIPS 1 Portman & Christensen – Star Wars: Ep II ,2 Affleck & Lopez – Gigli,3 Knightley & Bloom – Pirates of the Caribbean, 4 Madonna & Giannini – Swept Away,5 Zeta Jones & Connery – Entrapment.

  5. Navy Pulls YouTube Video Made by Airman – Physorg.Com

    The video, titled “Women of CVN76: ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much,’” was shot by an airman and not sanctioned by the Navy. It includes shots of the door to the ship’s nuclear power plant and of a sailor dancing in a full-body radiation suit.

  6. Knife crime rockets in UK – TheSun.Co.UK

    A study by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies (CCJS) published in today’s Sunday Times suggests street robberies involving blades have risen from 25,500 in 2005 to 64,000 in the year to April 2007.

  7. Blogger gets hot and bothered over Nasa’s climate data error – Environment – Guardian.Co.UK

    Mr McIntyre, a prolific internet blogger from Toronto who pointed out the gaffe to Nasa in an email. He noticed that temperature deviation readings from numerous weather-recording stations around the US showed sudden and inexplicable leaps after 2000.

  8. Passing the Torch – Columns by PC Magazine – PCMag.Com

    Jim Louderback – “I’ve jumped over to become CEO of Revision3, the leading Internet television network. – I will continue to write a column in PC Magazine. I still have too many issues to discuss with you. For example, my latest beef is with Vista.”

  9. Hacks automate iPhone 3rd-party apps, terminal – MacNN.Com utility is now said to completely automate the process of derestricting (or jailbreaking) the iPhone’s file system and uploading a software package manager to the Apple device.

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