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  1. A Man & His 100 Mbps Fiber Connected Life – GigaOM.Com

    The applications of today are clearly optimized for our 3-to-6 megabits per second connections. From Facebook to MySpace to YouTube. Guziewicz pointed out that despite higher speeds, the usage behavior hadn’t really changed.

  2. First virus hatched as a practical joke – SMH.Com.AU

    Worlds first Computer Virus was on a MAC… – “Rich Skrenta poses in front of his first personal computer, the Apple II Plus, at home in San Carlos, California. Skrenta is credited with creating the first computer virus, on the Apple II Plus, in 1982,”

  3. Analyst: iTunes/NBC dispute hurts Apple more – MacNN.Com

    NBC Universal’s decision to pull its network TV shows from the industry-leading iTunes Store points to fierce resistance among media companies to the potential Apple dominance of online video sales, an industry analyst told IDG News Service.

  4. New Blade Runner cut is how it should have been – Reuters.Com

    Twenty-five years after “Blade Runner” was panned by critics and pulled from theaters, U.S. director Ridley Scott savors revenge with the final cut of the science-fiction film now considered a cult classic.

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  1. Record Crowd Flocks to Desert for Burning Man Counterculture Festival – FOXNews.Com

    Participants could see a smoke plume from a 75-acre wildfire at the base of Melody Mountain about 15 to 20 miles northwest of the festival site, Thompson said, but the blaze posed no threat to them.

  2. Please Don’t Tell Me She’s Singing – That Other Blog – TOB.Hollywood.Com

    Why was Jessica Alba seem on her way to a recording studio in Toronto yesterday? What is she up to and why is she in Toronto? What hsa Tornoto got that Northampton, UK hasn’t?

  3. IBM stores data on an atom By Ben Ames – InfoWorld.Com

    The new technologies are at least 10 years from being used for components in commercial products, but the discoveries will allow scientists to take a large step forward in their quest to replace silicon, said IBM spokesman Matthew McMahon.

  4. 3-D Modeling Field – CollegeHumor.Com

    I wonder how long this will take to get a production version on to the market at a price that I will be able to afford?

  5. 22 Reasons Brit Will Never Make a Comeback – StyleCynics.Com

    Note: As always, this is a parody and everything in it was completely made up.

  6. Facial hair fanatics compete in world beard and mustache competition in Britain – SeattleTimes.nwsource.Com

    About 250 shaggy men from around the world competed Saturday in 17 classes of facial hair at the competition in Brighton, England. Jack Passion, a 23-year-old from San Francisco, won the highly competitive “Full Natural Beard”.

  7. – Videoblogs, Vlogs, Video Podcast, Video Podcast Directory, Internet TV – GetFireAnt.Com

    For people who don’t want to have to use iTunes – ” FireAnt is a great way to Discover, Watch, and Subscribe to Internet TV channels and Podcasts, with 21,772 channels and 1,296,147 episodes, and adding more each day! “

  8. Swami Ramdev to hold yoga workshop in Canada – Hindu.Com

    Bhasin said the workshop, which will begin on October 12, would provide an opportunity for participants to “invoke their innermost ‘centre of excellence’ or the link between spiritual and social activism”.

  9. Whats that wall doing there? – SnabbStart.SE

    This is why you should always be nice to the maintenance crew at your office.

  10. Overcrowded pool in Japan – SnabbStart.SE

    Haven’t the Japanese ever heard of going to the beach?

  11. Golfball stayes in the ruff, for a while – SnabbStart.SE

    The greatest hole in one ever… probably

  12. They sure got guts – SnabbStart.SE

    This is what happens when insurance companies try to go hard core

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