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  1. Roller-Walker Robot Can Walk Like Insect Or Make Like A Tree – SlashGear.Com

    The Robots are coming… and they are on skates so don’t just walk away… run… OK, you may not have to run to fast or far to get away from this small robot but I’m sure he will have a much bigger brother skating around some where soon.

  2. Dutch build towering wind turbines out at sea – Environment – Reuters.Com

    The 383 million euro ($522.3 million) Q7 wind park development, 14 miles from the Dutch North Sea coast, is the farthest offshore wind park anywhere in the world, and its developers say a further 5 to 10 such wind parks will likely follow.

  3. Venturi Eclectric News – CarsAndTuning.Org

    Venturi Eclectic is one of the first car produced for city needs. The car has many new and interesting things- a 2.5 square meters solar panel which allows battery reloading.

  4. Times Atlas shows effect of global warming – Telegraph.Co.UK

    Since the atlas was last published four years ago, sea levels have lowered in some cases and risen in others while ice caps have shrunk and lakes have almost disappeared.

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  1. Trademark plaintiff drops suit vs. Google over ads – Technology – Reuters.Com

    Neither party accepted liability or wrongdoing and the parties will pay their own legal costs. American Blinds stipulated that Google was paying nothing and making no change in policy in order for them to settle the case. Started in 2003.

  2. Gangster daughter sheds light on Japan underworld – Reuters.Com

    With her dyed-brown long hair and tight designer jeans, Shoko Tendo looks like any other stylish young Japanese woman — until she removes her shirt to reveal the vivid tattoos covering her back and most of her body.

  3. The future of coal – Gristmill.Com

    Meantime, DOE’s goals (PDF) are to bring the cost of low-speed wind power down to 3.6 cents a kilowatt hour by 2012, geothermal electricity down to 3-5 cents by 2010, and photovoltaic electricity down to 5-10 cents by 2015.

  4. Google Patents SMS Payment System – Blog.SEOptimise.Com

    The Text Message Payment patent, filed on February 28th 2006, details how text messages could be used to pay for goods from vending machines and retailers as well as secure methods for validating larger payment amounts.

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