With Apple annoucing a new range of iPods one of the biggest, or rather smallest, problems that the new range has is the small amount of storage that you get on th iPod Touch.

Images borrowed from Apple.Com/UK

I really want to get the 16GB iTouch but I have why to many audio podcasts and audio books that I listen to regularly and would want to put on it, that I’m not totally sure if I should get the 16GB iTouch or go from the 160GB Classic.

I know that you can just use iTunes to re-compress the files down to a smaller size, but this using a lower bit rate and thus a lower sound quality, plus this dosen’t always size that much space with podcasts and audiobooks due to the farily low bit rate that they use already (64kbps in mono or 40kbps in stereo, with a small number using 128kbps in mono).

So I have been looking around on the web and have found a piece of software called ‘ShrinkMyTunes from London-based Z Group which is £20UK, or $40US.


How I have found and read some reviews about this software on -

Wired.Com , CrunchGear.Com , PCAdvisor.Co.UK and PersonalComputerWorld.Co.UK (PCW.Co.UK) plus one on Playerbites.com that even has audio examples of a file before and after being compressed with ShrinkMyTunes.

Before Before

After After

Click on either of the above to hear that file (the above 2 images and the files are from the article on about ShrinkMyTunes on the Playerbites.com site, so please take a look at they site at somepoint)

From listening to the above two samples (Thanks Playerbites.com) I think that the bass lacks depth and the treble disappears at the higher range, but the new file sounds alot better then if you compress a track down to 29kbps using iTunes, plus you don’t get many Podcast or Audiobooks that use either low bass or the higher range.

So I was wondering if anybody has used this software for compressing the spoken voice within Audio Podcasts and AudioBooks, plus what they thought about the sound quality? The above listed reviews only tested ShrinkMyTunes with music tracks.

part of the review from Wired.Com -

The result is a file that plays back in any MP3 player and sounds only the slightest bit less punchy, but is much smaller in size. To the trained ear, the converted MP3s sound like they have a medium amount of variable-bitrate (VBR) compression applied. But the quality-to-file-size ratio is much higher than what you get with built-in VBR rippers from iTunes or Windows Media Player. Even LAME’s best settings can’t beat ShrinkMyTunes at these file sizes.

It’s available on the company’s website and at Amazon. You’ll also find it on shelves at Office Depot and other retail stores next month.

To test ShrinkMyTunes, we started with a little classic rock. On the “Best Quality” setting, David Gilmour’s acoustic guitar and breathy vocals on Pink Floyd’s “Wots … Uh the Deal” lost little of their sheen, though a small amount of washiness was introduced in the very highest frequencies. The Floyd’s rocking “Free Four” also remained loud and sharp. Both tracks were reduced in size substantially, ending up about half their original bulk.

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4 Responses to “Shrink My Tunes or Make My iPod Larger”

  1. I’m a bit suspicious about this software. I’ve just been experimenting with the Lame encoder. At its lowest settings (VBR 9) I get identical results to those of ShrinkMyTunes with the same sound quality. That is very unusual seeing as the firm behind ShrinkMyTunes claims NASA specialists developed the encoder for their program. This website: http://bayimg.com/aagHIAAbM even shows a graphic representation of a music file supposedly compressed by ShrinkMyTunes and again by Lame. Both are identical. As for as I’m concerned I’m saving my 20 quid and staying with Lame. It’s free and offers other settings.

  2. Shrink my tunes is a Rip off I purchased the product at a office Depot and the program can not be installed there is A NSIS Erro message ( the installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete, this could be the result of a damaged disk, a failed download or a virus) I have returned the product three times at three different stores and the same thing happend each time now I am out of $31.00 Dollars because the store will not refund my money they will only give Exchanges and I have done that Three times, come on now that means the prouduct is no good it is not my computer I went on line and installed another compresser that I can try for Fifth-teen days free and have compressed files on two MP3 players, I have tried to contact the company in UK by http://www.shrinkmytunes.com site is unavalible, contacted customer service by e-mail two times both times I was given a ticket number and told that I would recieve a responce within 24 to 48 hours it has been three weeks and still no responce from Shrink My Tunes so I’m stuck with a product that do not work and also out of Thirty-one Dollars because I can not recieve a refund now tell me that I did not get ramed in the rear if you know what I mean.

  3. All i can say is this program is very good. Installed in mins and compressed a 6.4mb file to 2.6. Easy to use and even my non tech mum finds it easy to use. And for £10 even better value.

  4. emm. really like it :)

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