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  1. Apple set to reveal iPhone launch date in UK – Telegraph.Co.UK

    Suspicions were aroused among journalists this week when the notoriously secretive company sent them an invitation to next week’s event, headed “Mum’s no longer the Word”.

  2. Korea sues Intel for unfair trade – TheAustralian.News.Com.AU

    In July the European Commission alleged that Intel offered chips below cost. The Silicon Valley company could face a fine in Europe of up to 10 per cent of its global annual revenues and in Korea of up to 3 per cent.

  3. Facebook breastfeeding flap – TheStar.Com

    Breastfeeding activists are emailing, posting and instant messaging their outrage. A new Facebook group set up to petition for a change in site policy – called “Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!” has more than 10,200 members.

  4. MP tries to ban water – New Zealand National news – NZHerald.Co.NZ

    Mrs Dean was caught in a hoax by an online blogger asking for her help in banning dihydrogen monoxide – the chemical name for H20. The blunder is a long-running hoax that seeks to trick gullible MPs into calling for the eradication of water.

  5. And now a blog on Bollywood in Finnish – ExpressIndia.Com

    Anu, who travelled to India for the first time about a decade ago, admits she does not understand Hindi. Mann, the Aamir Khan-Manisha Koirala starrer, was the first Indian movie she watched. She fell in love with the song and dance sequences.

  6. Wikipedia publishes 2-millionth article in English –

    Wikipedia, the sixth most visited network of Web sites worldwide behind commercial operators Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Time Warner and eBay, is available in 250 languages. Combined, Wikipedia has published more than eight million articles.

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  1. MySpace launches Web TV show – GlobeandMail.Com

    Episodes,or webisodes, of the show, which follows a group of twentysomethings through the eyes of one young girl with a video-blog, will appear first on MySpaceTV, and then on the website.

  2. Losing face on MySpace – Australia –

    It appears Rupert Murdoch may have backed the wrong site when he paid $US580 million for MySpace. Research out of the US shows that, while MySpace still has more than twice as many unique visitors, its rival is growing far more quickly

  3. Sides line up quickly over Canada TV report – HollywoodReporter.Com

    The private broadcasters estimate that simulcasting earns them about CAN$200 million ($188.6 million) annually in additional ad revenue. To the broadcasters’ surprise, the Dunbar/LeBlanc report questioned the value of simulcast rules

  4. Google calls for web privacy laws – BBC.Co.UK

    “Every time a person uses a credit card their information may cross six or seven national boundaries,” Mr Fleischer said before the event. Hostile past Three quarters of countries have no privacy rules at all and among those that do.

  5. Cadbury and Mars to get rid of dangerous E-numbers – DailyMail.Co.UK

    The moves will heap pressure on the Government’s Food Standards Agency to support a total ban on the chemicals, which have been linked to hyperactive behaviour in children. The FSA has been accused of complacency.

  6. Geek’s now hi-tech chic – TheSun.Co.UK

    TECHNOLOGY has shed its geeky image – with seven examples in the leading ten of this year’s CoolBrands top 20. – Top 20: 1. Aston Martin; 2. iPod; 3. YouTube; 4. Bang & Olufsen; 5. Google; 6. PlayStation; 7. Apple; 8. Agent Provocateur; 9. Nintendo; 10. Virgin Atlantic; 11. Ferrari; 12. Ducati; 13. eBay; 14. Rolex; 15. Tate Modern; 16. Prada; 17. Lamborghini; 18. Green & Black’s; 19. iTunes; 20. Amazon

  7. Zep’s 120m hits – Mirror.Co.UK

    The massive interest in the band’s first gig for 19 years brought down servers handling ticket sales and the London’s O2 Arena site. Which has received five million hits per hour since the press announcement the concert.

  8. £1,210 for tickets from web touts – Mirror.Co.UK

    Led Zepplin Concert tickets – priced them at £135 each but that doubled to £238 within minutes of the promoter Harvey Goldsmith announcing they would be £125 and limited to two per fan.

  9. GMTV’S £3M phone scam fine – Mirror.Co.UK

    Last year, GMTV’s “qualifying revenue” was £56million.The full adjudication is expected in a few weeks. Gmtv is thought to have generated around £35million from viewers paying to enter daily quizzes they stood no chance of winning.

  10. UK ‘must have human space role’ – BBC.Co.UK

    Those Britons who have flown in space recently – Michael Foale, Piers Sellers and Nicholas Patrick – have done so by becoming US citizens and enrolling in the Nasa astronaut programme. The SEWG said this policy had to change.

  11. The comic lives on – BBC.Co.UK

    The temptation, for anyone who grew up in an era when every child had a favourite comic, is to think children today are missing something important. What exactly have we lost?

  12. Film studios braced for strike by Hollywood writers and actors – TimesOnline.Co.UK

    Writers and actors wanting a share of royalties from new media. The studios are said to have offered to pay a bonus only when a film becomes profitable. The strike is now scheduled for after June 2008, when many contracts expire.

  13. ‘BT in call centre fraud to ensure winning £1billion business contract’ – DailyMail.Co.UK

    Staff made millions of ‘false’ calls on auto diallers to make sure bonus-linked performance targets were met under a lucrative contract handling calls from Ministry of Defence bases.

  14. Queen fears precious Jersey herd could be slaughtered – DailyMail.Co.UK

    More than 2,000 pigs farmed on her estate in the heart of Windsor Great Park, which falls within Defra’s six-mile surveillance zone, are also said to be at risk of being culled.

  15. The 6ft 2in schoolgirl, 12, who towers over her best friend – the smallest in the class – DailyMail.Co.UK

    For although the pair are the same age and go to the same school, a height difference of 17in means they don’t quite see things from the same perspective. But the 12-year-olds, who attend St Kentigern’s Academy, in Blackburn, West Lothian, don’t let this

  16. Parents who built their own school – Mirror.Co.UK

    Like all state schools, staff and equipment are paid for by a £4,000-per-pupil grant – but that’s where the similarities end. With parents forming the bulk of the school governing board, they have more say in their children’s education than anywhere else

  17. 4million of us have four mobiles – TheSun.Co.UK

    It found the country’s 45 million adults share nearly 71 million phones. Almost one in two are happy with one phone, and 12 per cent of people get by without one, with 9% having four or more.

  18. Tarantino skips his way home – TheSun.Co.UK

    “They were chanting my name so I gave them a wave and we started talking. I told them I was waiting for my driver and the trucker said he would give me a lift. Liverpool people are really friendly. I just jumped in.”

  19. Mother’s boyfriend suspected in hanging of Texas girl, 6 – Houston Chronicle – Chron.Com

    Live-in boyfriend Kevin Wayne Anders was arrested Wednesday on a charge of possession of child pornography. He remained in the Navarro County Jail on Thursday. Bail was set at $100,000.

  20. ‘No money’ for husband murderer – BBC.Co.UK

    His wife had claimed four masked men broke into the family home looking for drugs and money before attacking and kidnapping her 35-year-old husband. The jury heard four months of evidence but took just under 3.5 hours to reach its verdict.

  21. Film First: Michelle is glad film is Gone – TheSun.Co.UK

    The film follows two Boston detectives as they attempt to trace a four-year-old girl snatched from her bed. By tragic coincidence, the child in the movie is played by Madeline O’Brien, who bears a striking resemblance to Madeleine McCann.

  22. Google offers $30 million for robotic rover on the Moon – TimesOnline.Co.UK

    To be eligible, the winning craft will have to land on the moon, roam for a minimum of 500m and take a series of panoramic images as well as videos to be streamed on Google’s website.

  23. Web clever dick in willy jibe – TheSun.Co.UK

    Marek W, 23, created a link that led to the official home page of the Polish President Lech Kaczynski to rank first in the list of results on the Google search engine when “kutas” was typed in. The word is a vulgar term for a man’s private parts.

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