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  1. Up next for Apple: the return of the Newton – AppleInsider.Com

    Externally, the mutil-touch PDA has been described by sources as an ultra-thin “slate” akin to the iPhone, about 1.5 times the size and sporting an approximate 720×480 high-resolution display that comprises almost the entire surface of the unit.

  2. Fusion io – the power of 1000 hard drives in the palm of your hand – TG Daily.Com

    The benchmark for the worst case scenario by using small 4K blocks and then streaming eight simultaneous 1 GB reads and writes. The ioDrive clocked 100,000 operations per second. Price $30 per GB. Note in 1984: 20 MB was $3150.

  3. You’ve Bricked your Hacked iPhone and Want to Start Over? – 9to5Mac.Com

    If you tell the person at the Genius Bar that this is a GoPhone account, they will replace your iPhone right then and there. You must have an AT&T SIM card in the phone, but the Apple can’t verifying whether it’s a GoPhone account or not.

  4. Britain to switch off energy-guzzling bulbs –

    It aims to save up to five million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year by 2012, or the equivalent to the carbon emissions of a typical 1 Giga Watt coal-fired power station.

  5. Hollywood Studios go after two Piracy Sites – I4U.Com

    The lawsuit, filed Wednesday on behalf of the major studios, seeks to shutter ( and ( from further infringing on the copyrights of the MPAA members.

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  1. Water forms floating ‘bridge’ when exposed to high voltage – Physorg.Com

    Scientists found that water was being transported from one beaker to another. The cylindrical water bridge, with a diameter of 1-3 mm, could remain intact when the beakers were pulled apart at a distance of up to 25 mm.

  2. Inmate’s suit claims O.J. Simpson is “hitman” for Steve Jobs – AppleInsider.Com

    Riches’ latest rambling, which has since been dismissed, goes on to allege that “O.J. has been providing Jobs with food blenders since the midwest flood of 1993″ and that O.J. also “paid Jobs to clone Dolly the sheep on April 20, 1998.”

  3. Tattooed man surrenders after internet fame – TheINQUIRER.Net

    Coppers said that the man was “known to police” and was helping them with their inquiries. It is always nice to have a bit of help from someone you know.

  4. LCD vs. Plasma: Which HDTV Is Right for You? – PC World.Com

    The test group consisted of five plasma sets (PL4272N, TH-42PZ700U, PDP-4280HD, HP-T4264, and VP42) and seven LCD sets ( LC4276N, 42LB5D, 42PFL7432D/37, LN-T4061, KDL-40V3000, 42HL167, and GV42LF).

  5. Web 2.0 is irritating and irrelevant – Techworld.Com

    Faced with some tough questions from customers and partners on the management issues associated with user built processes of the kind often associated with the deployment of Web 2.0 applications.

  6. Hybrid Truck Convention Shows Off Green Muscle – Wired.Com

    From military to mass transit to parcel services, the big rigs that make the world run smoothly may soon help it run cleanly. These heavy-duty trucks are green but mean: They could easily crush the typical consumer hybrid.

  7. Stop-Motion Clip Made From 987 Polaroids – TechEBlog.Com

    This was basically “an experiment to exploit the single frames that make up an animated film and explore the emotions of the creative process — created with 987 Polaroids and no computer compositing.”

  8. Weza Portable Energy Source – the ultimate pedal power – FreeplayEnergy.Com

    The Weza is a totally dependable power for emergency situations and everyday use in remote applications. Unlike similar power packs, the Weza can be energized using only your legs by stepping on the innovative foot treadle.

  9. Stanford Offers Class On Facebook – KNTV – San Francisco –

    Stanford tuition: $35,000. Room and Board: $10,000. Wasting your parent’s money on a Facebook course: PRICELESS. So far, about 90 students have already registered on Axess for the class, which will be capped to 40 to 50 students.

  10. NASA Approves Advanced Lasik for Use on Astronauts (and Hopefuls) – Wired.Com

    As of September 2007, the refractive surgical procedures of the eye, PRK and LASIK, are now allowed, providing at least 1 year has passed since the date of the procedure with no permanent adverse after effects.

  11. Updated Leopard requirements to exclude 800MHz systems – AppleInsider.Com

    Leopard will now require Macs with “an Intel processor or a PowerPC G4 (867 MHz or faster) or G5 processor.” Other system requirements include a DVD drive, built-in FireWire, at least 512MB of RAM (additional recommended), and at least 9GB of hard disk sp

  12. OLPC to go on-sale in US from November 12th – SlashGear.Com

    Now, with government orders conspicuous by their absence, the team behind the laptop is offering to prematurely sell you one – that is, if you buy one for you and one for a child in a developing country.

  13. Pownce vs Digg: Who Will Kevin Rose Back? – TechCrunch.Com

    Leah Culver, a co-founder of Pownce with Rose has made a bizarre post to Digg suggesting that Digg’s new features were a direct copy of those from Pownce: Since I originally came up with the Pownce gender list, I’m somewhat miffed that Digg copied Pow

  14. Acebucks Gets $1.5 Million For Virtual Facebook Currency – TechCrunch.Com

    Acebucks is using the financing to grow the company. They want to become the de-facto virtual currency of Facebook, and will soon launch an API that lets users integrate Acebucks into their own applications.

  15. Starbucks to give away free iTunes songs – GlobeandMail.Com

    From Oct. 2 to Nov. 7, more than 10,000 U.S. stores will hand out about 1.5 million “Song of the Day” cards each day. The cards can be redeemed at Apple Inc.’s online iTunes Store. The first song will be Bob Dylan’s “Joker Man.”

  16. Too much sleep as harmful as not enough: study –

    Lack of sleep can more than double the risk of death from heart disease, according to a large British study, among the first to link duration of sleep and mortality. But too much sleep can also be harmful, according to the study.

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