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  1. Yahoo! Juices Its Search Engine – BusinessWeek.Com

    The new engine, unveiled Oct. 2, also will present relevant photos and videos, as well as full explanations from partners and Yahoo-owned properties such as Yahoo! Finance, Y! Local, social search site Answers, and photo-sharing site Flickr.

  2. HSBC Scuppers Bluetooth Ads Plan – BusinessWeek.Com

    The bank ran a trial of the technology earlier this year at its Regent Street and Canary Wharf branches in London. The system works by using a small box inside the branch that scans mobile phones to detect those with Bluetooth enabled.

  3. Incensed over iPhone $200 price cut, woman sues Apple for $1M – San Jose Mercury News – MercuryNews.Com

    According to Li’s lawsuit, filed on Sept. 24, the price reduction injured early purchasers like herself because they cannot resell the product for the same profit as those who bought the cell phone following the price cut.

  4. Facebook considers non-English sites –

    “Translation at some level is definitely on our radar,” Facebook said. “International growth is one of a few things that we are very focused on right now.” It declined to indicate what the timing was of a potential move into non-English language sites.

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  1. BBC buys travel publisher Lonely Planet – TaipeiTimes.Com

    The commercial arm of the British Broadcasting Corp has bought a 75 percent stake in the Lonely Planet travel guides, the corporation announced yesterday.

  2. Joost opens to wider downloads – MacNN.Com

    The software is now also at v1.0, despite still being marked as a beta. Upgrades include notifications when new content has been added, the ability to link videos directly, and for Mac OS X a built-in updater.

  3. Nokia buys mapping service for US$8.1 billion – Macworld.Com

    The deal between Navteq and Nokia comes about two months after TomTom, a big European maker of GPS (Global Positioning System) products, announced plans to buy Tele Atlas. TomTom has said it will make a formal acquisition offer on Tuesday.

  4. Skype CEO steps down – Macworld.Com

    Skype’s co-founder Niklas Zennstrom has handed over his CEO title to become non-executive chairman of the board of directors of this eBay unit. Michael van Swaaij, eBay’s Chief Strategy Officer, is stepping in as interim CEO.

  5. Latest iPhone update and Apple’s response could spell trouble – Computerworld.Com

    If you need to restore your iPhone using an earlier firmware version, there is some information available from iPhone Atlason how to proceed. Gizmodo has a report on getting an unlocked iPhone working after the update.

  6. Hackers post techniques for reversing iPhone upgrade – Macworld.Com

    Members of the Macworld staff followed those instructions and were able to return a broken iPhone to a usable state, albeit with no access to the cellular telephone and data network.

  7. London Internet whiz was vital militant link: FBI – Reuters.Com

    In addition, he said, Tsouli communicated with members of a suspected militant cell in Canada known as the “Toronto 17″ who are accused of planning to attack targets in Canada.

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