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  1. Man dies during filming of U.K. reality show – HollywoodReporter.Com

    Channel 4 said it was “shocked and deeply saddened” by the incident, which happened Sept. 13 during filming for the upcoming series of ‘Time Team’. The incident is being investigated by the Health and Safety Executive.

  2. Big Blue seeks a patent way to leverage patents – GlobeAndMail.Com

    Floating privilege, once purchased, could be activated by a patent-infringement lawsuit. Companies would buy the right to use a patent portfolio like IBM’s as a legal shield for themselves and may be aimed at hindering “patent trolls”

  3. Non-stop music for BlackBerries – News24.Com

    Vodafone had signed an exclusive deal with Omnifone that will give customers an unlimited number of tracks from a catalogue of over 1 million to their mobile phones for a weekly fee of £1.99. The service launches in the UK in Novemeber.

  4. EBay: The Place for Microfinance – BusinessWeek.Com

    Her hope is to create sustainable economic growth in the world’s most impoverished communities—and do her part to expand the reach of the microfinance industry to more than 1 billion people worldwide, from about 100 million people currently.

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  1. Shoppers predicted to spend £500 each online this Christmas – Independent.Co.Uk

    Internet spending will hit £13.6bn between October and December. The figure would be a rise of 40 per cent on last year, with Britain accounting for 38 per cent of total European spending, more than France and Germany combined.

  2. Seven of UK’s 19 reactors closed – BBC.Co.Uk

    He said: “It is disturbing. I mean, we’re going to have to rely on it being a warm winter. “If it isn’t, maybe we will run into power cuts. And the consequential loss of that is not just the loss of electricity, it’s the loss to industry when everything falls.

  3. Huge pirate music site shut down – BBC.Co.Uk

    A flat on Teesside and several properties in Amsterdam were raided as part of a 2 year long Interpol investigation into the members-only website OiNK. The UK-run site has leaked 60 major pre-release albums this year alone.

  4. US woman guilty of stealing baby from womb – Telegraph.Co.UK

    Bobbie Jo Stinnett, 23, was eight months pregnant when Lisa Montgomery, 39, used a knife to perform a crude Caesarean section in Dec, 2004, in the northwest Missouri town of Skidmore.

  5. Bonfire night is cancelled in Guy Fawkes’ home town by health and safety killjoys – DailyMail.Co.Uk

    A large November 5 celebration has been canceled after an event planned for York City football-ground was refused a safety licence. Lack of an official event in the city of Guy Fawkes’s birth was a source of bemusement to visitors.

  6. New Office Building In Greece Supplies 95% Of Its Power Needs – GroovyGreen.Com

    The $2.1 million project is expected to pay for itself within about 10 years. During this year’s summer months (where Athens on one day reached almost 115F) the system managed to cool the building to 72F on only $14 a day.

  7. POWER YOUR BOAT WITH KITES – Wind Power by KiteShip – Inhabitat.Com

    Wind power from the 13,000s/ft kite would allow a typical commercial ship to cut fuel costs by 10% to 20% without sacrificing speed. Shipping may contribute to as much as 5% of global CO2 emissions – ships carry 90% of world trade.

  8. Labour’s plan to abandon renewable energy targets – Environment – Guardian.Co.Uk

    Mr Hutton will tell Mr Brown that there are severe practical difficulties about meeting the 20% target. Analysis by Mr Hutton’s department suggests it could cost the UK £4bn a year to achieve a 9% share of renewable energy by 2020.

  9. Fedex To Unveil New Diesel Hybrid-Electric Vans – TreeHugger.Com

    Fedex will be unveiling its new diesel hybrid-electric van at the European Road Transport Show in Amsterdam. FedEx is aiming for a 30% reduction in fuel consumption and currently operates hybrid vehicles in the US, Canada and Japan

  10. Greenpeace Takes an Apple Beating –

    “Like all Apple products worldwide, iPhone complies with RoHS [Restriction of Hazardous Substances]” an Apple spokesperson, told Macworld. ” Apple will voluntarily eliminate the use of PVC and BFRs by the end of 2008.”

  11. The 100MPG Biodiesel-Powered Motorcycle – TreeHugger.Com

    Built for the 2007 Panasonic World Solar Challenge. Motorcycles with diesel engines are rarely seen because diesel engines generally require heavier engine-casings. The BioBike has an innovative diesel engine optimized for a bike.

  12. Sycamore House, LEED Platinum in Pacific Palisades – JetsonGreen.Com

    Wander through the Sycamore House online web site, it’s quite informational. This home will feature a 23-foot tall thermal wall to regulate air temperature and guide warm air to clerestory windows; and integrated photovoltaic system.

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