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  1. The man behind the Google phone – TaipeiTimes.Com

    Rubin is one of the primary architects behind another product that also smacks of potential uber-coolness, the Google Phone. As Google’s “director of mobile platforms,” Rubin oversees dozens of engineers developing software.

  2. Factfile: teenagers gunned down across UK – TimesOnline.Co.Uk

    London alone has seen at least 17 teenagers shot or stabbed to death so far in 2007, including a 16-year-old shot dead at an ice rink and another boy killed by single shot after being chased through a South London estate by a gang of youths on bicycles.

  3. The Matra MS1 “Human Electric Hybrid Motorcycle” – GizMag.Com

    Called the Matra MS1, this Human Electric Hybrid Motorcycle (HEHM) recently debuted in Paris. It’s powered by a 1 Kw Motor Wheel, takes advantage of regenerative breaking, get’s you 62 miles on pure electric. Top speed = 28mph.

  4. Shape, FastCompany and others to cut emissions equal to 1,970 cars using recycled paper – GreenPrinter.Wordpress.Com

    If the entire North American magazine industry used just 30 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) paper, the results would be staggering: + 1,448,487 tons of wood would be saved, or the equivalent of 10,027,984 trees.

  5. Steel Buildings Make For A Happy Environment – EzineArticles.Com

    Steel buildings are rapidly outpacing wood and concrete buildings as the number one choice. As economic and environmental benefits continue to be realized the popularity of metal buildings will become the trend for all new buildings.

  6. IKEA To Recycle Your CFLs – GreenThinkers.Org

    IKEA is recycle your CFL bulbs. Since our CFL bulbs contain a small amount of mercury, they should not be simply tossed out. And IKEA is offering a solution: a ‘Free Take Back’ program offering recycle bins in all IKEA stores.

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  1. Court Does Right by Social Sex Sites – Wired.Com

    The record-keeping requirements outlined in 18 U.S.C. 2257 violate the First Amendment, and determined that individuals posting sexually explicit photos of themselves to swinger websites are not subject to record-keeping requirements.

  2. Do Portable Music Players Give Athletes an Unfair Advantage? – AudioJunkies.Com

    The governing body of running in the US appears to think so. For 2007, USA Track & Field banned the use of portable audio players at sanctioned running events to prevent runners using the devices from having a competitive edge.

  3. All-In-One Wonder LG Touch – YankoDesign.Com

    Control LG Touch with just a tap, flick or pinch of their fingers, it’s a revolutionary mobile phone, dual LCD for quick view, internet applications on a mobile phone for email, web browsing and a charging cradle with QWERTY keypad.

  4. Sandbank Sofa – YankoDesign.Com

    The black pillow on top is a do-it-yourself kit. It contains a bunch of empty white polypropylene covers ready to be filled with an enclosed scoop. Take it with you and build up your own version wherever you want, preferably close to the sea.

  5. Digital Designs Speakers Made in the USA – DDAudio .Com

    The spiders also feature new technology never found on arachnid based suspensions, silkaleneotton. Genetically altered spiders produce a chemical blended thread of silk, polyethylene and cotton.

  6. An Insider’s Look at the Grateful Dead’s Wall of Sound – AudioJunkies.Com

    The Wall of Sound was built exclusively for the Grateful Dead and it was used on their tours from 1974 to 1976. 26,400 watts of continuous power via 44 amplifiers, 586 JBL loudspeakers (15″, 12″ and 5″) 54 Electrovoice tweeters, 75 tons in weight (approxi

  7. T-bone House – YankoDesign.Com

    So-called for the T-shaped form of the structure, the house rises above glazed infills on the ground floor to a monolithic form above, while the kitchen and living area are set into the slope on the lower ground level.

  8. Lin pod bench – Leif-DesignPark.Com

    By placing greenery, in a more intimate intimately designed position, the existence of nature can be felt more strongly. This bench was designed to create a conscience of living together with nature, and generate a comfortable atmosphere.


    doors, fireplaces, furniture, gardens, glass, ironwork, kitchens, lighting, radiators, stone, windows and woodwork. RECLAIMED BUILDING MATERIALS, beams, bricks, flagstones, flooring, roof slates and tiles, timber.

  10. Sink Positive – ReclaimedHome.Com

    The hose is directly attached to the supply line, so it’s not water from the tank. When the toilet is flushed, the water that is normally used to refill the tank will come out of the faucet, which is then used to fill the tank.

  11. Indian Tycoon’s Tower – BusinessWeek.Com

    “vertical gardens” will help shade the building and reduce the urban heat island effect. “You can use the whole wall almost like a tree and increase the green area of the site by five or 10 times over what it would be if you just did a green roof,”

  12. Hingis to wear the taint of a cheat – TheAustralian.News.Com.Au

    Hingis has no explanation of how the drug came into her system. And after a career that produced so much fine tennis and so many incredible victories out of the relatively slight frame of 59kg and 170cm, it is easy to agree she is no cheat.

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