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  1. ”Office” Workers join striking Writers – I4U.Com

    Writers were already beginning to feel the financial impact from the walkout. Most studios Monday sent out suspension letters to scribes with production deals. Some writers were seen packing up their stuff.

  2. Most Fans Paid $0 for Radiohead Album – Physorg.Com

    Some 62 percent of the people who downloaded “In Rainbows” in a four-week period last month opted not to pay the British alt-rockers a cent. But the remaining 38 percent voluntarily paid an average of $6, according to the study by comScore Inc.

  3. Jehovah Witness mum – Husband speaks of grief at funeral – efused blood transfusion – TheSun.Co.Uk

    Emma Gough, 22, died hours after having the healthy babies. She had signed a form forbidding a transfusion because her faith banned it. Her husband could not bring himself to overturn her decision, despite pleas by medics.

  4. Russian spy plane re-purposed as cellphone tower – Guru3d.Com

    The idea is to use the plane to provide telecom coverage in areas where satellite coverage is spotty, or for emergency relief following disasters which take out landline and cellular networks on the ground.

  5. Fibre Channel over Ethernet over iSCSI – ComputerWorld.Com

    a.k.a. FCoE. The major network vendors including Brocade, Cisco, Emulex, and QLogic are all on board. Additionally a new start-up called Nuova Systems has appeared in this space, headed up by at least one former Andamio executive.

  6. Mission Impossible: EU to ban bomb-making info and terror incitement online – Aarstechnica.Com

    A new EU anti-terrorism proposal that will allow European courts to sentence individuals for “inciting terrorism” over the web. ISPs will be forced to take down any such sites that incite such violence, offer bomb-making instructions, or disseminate “terror attacks”

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  1. About 165,000 Web sites knocked offline by NaviSite outage – ComputerWorld.Com

    First the URL could not match with the IP address and then IP did not match with the machine. In effect, NaviSite yanked the servers for 200,000 Web sites, put them on trucks and then didn’t know what to do once the servers arrived in Andover.

  2. Apple chastised for ignoring two Mac data loss issues – AppleInsider.Com

    U.K.-based data-recovery firm Retrodata is warning Apple customers that they risk potential data loss due to a design flaw on certain 2.5-inch Seagate SATA drives, commonly found in MacBook or MacBook Pro. Firmware 7.01

  3. Cool Mac Gear: Photography and video – ComputerWorld.Com

    With Apple’s Final Cut Pro 6.0.1 and iMovie ’08, Macs can now support camcorders that use hard disk drives or flash-based storage instead of tape. That means Mac users have a lot more camcorders to choose from.

  4. The 2008 Sea-Doo Wake Jetski – Product-Reviews.Net

    You can get the Jetski with either a 155 hp Rotax 4-TEC or 215 hp Supercharged Intercooled Rotax 4-TEC engine. The jet ski has a retractable high-rise pylon with hand grips allowing the boarder to get more air and tricks.

  5. J. Lo flash drives…no, seriously – BoyGeniusReport.Com

    J.Lo has teamed up with luxury handset manufacturer Gresso to offer a limited edition wood grain flash drive endorsed by her, and comes complete with a copy of J. Lo’s brand new album Billboard Poison Brave. The drive costs $70

  6. Leopard firewall scuppers Skype – TheINQUIRER.Net

    A post from Skype Staff member Ryan Hunt on the Skype Forums section for Mac OS/X 10.5 reads “Skype does not run when the built-in Firewall for MacOS is enabled.”

  7. MIT sues architect of $300 million computer science building – NetworkWorld.Com

    Soon after its completion, the center’s outdoor amphitheater began to crack, leaks sprang up throughout the building and mold grew on parts of the exterior, the lawsuit alleges. Stata Center sits on the site of the former Building 20.

  8. 10G Ethernet data-center switch on tap – NetworkWorld.Com

    The 7100 supports wirespeed Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching with throughput as high as 960 Gbps and 714M packet/sec with submicrosecond latency. It scales to 4,096 10G ports with throughput of more than 80Tbps and 60 billion packet/sec.

  9. Is Facebook Beacon a Privacy Nightmare? – GigaOM.Com

    Ppartner sites put a piece of Facebook javascript on their site. For instance, Fandago users can publish information about the movies they saw. It lets Facebook triangulate your likes and dislikes even more, and deliver more focused ads.

  10. Japan Bored With PCs – Gadget Lab – Wired.Com

    Japanese gearheads who have largely lost interest in PCs and don’t plan to replace their aging home rig anytime soon, a recent survey concludes that 4 percent of Japanese techies access e-mail exclusively through a mobile phone.

  11. Use Any Headphones With Your iPhone – PCWorld.Com

    Use any headphone equipped with a standard 3.5mm jack to connect to the recessed headphone jack found on the iPhone, and it also includes an in-line microphone, adjustable volume slider and music/phone playback control buttons.

  12. Apple Releases Leopard Source Code – PCWorld.Com

    Apple has released the Darwin source code behind its Leopard operating system to developers. Darwin 9.0 forms the backbone of the UNIX-based operating system and is being made available to developers in the open source community.

  13. The Time Has Come for IPv6 – GigaOM.Com

    Taking a step back, it is absolutely clear that IPv6 offers significant networking advances, such as the ability to provide more addresses for devices on the Internet (3.4×1038 addresses total as compared to IPv4′s 4.2 billion address)

  14. Apple Tablet PC is real, says Asus –

    Can Apple turn the Tablet PC into a success? Any company that can make a mobile phone with no buttons, no picture messaging, slow Web access and no video capture into the most desirable phone on earth can easily make tablets popular.

  15. Solar Decathlon: Darmstadt, Germany – ApartmentTherapy.Com

    The house’s design emphasized pure space, without traditional furnishings interrupting the space. So, check out this bed that stows away in the floor when not in use:

  16. Apple Internal Training Points Towards Canada iPhone Launch – MobileMag.Com

    What you see here is a screenshot from the Apple Canada internal training and seminars site and as you can quite plainly see, there is an iPhone workshop scheduled for November 10th. This could mean one of two things.

  17. The $200 PC’s Operating System – Gadget Lab –

    Everex’s $200 PC’s made quite a stir, attracting the attention of bloggers and major dailies alike. Some like it because it’s priced right. Some hate it because of its low-end specs. The only ready-to-roll Mini-ITX system you can easily buy in stores.

  18. Apple Preps Next iPhone Firmware Update – PCWorld.Com

    According to T3, the iPhone on Nov. 9 comes with firmware Version 1.1.2. Meanwhile, said its sources reported that Version 1.1.2 will break current unlocking software and perhaps some third-party applications as well.

  19. Domain Names: The shortest domain name ever – ValleyWag.Com

    Google has purchased the shortest possible domain name to make it easier for Chinese users to find Google: Interestingly, “,” along with most other single-letter/digit domain’s are reserved by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

  20. Yahoo Launches Kickstart, A New Social Network Around College Students And Alumni – TechCrunch.Com

    Alumni can help students get jobs, or can find good students to fill spots where they work at), students can reach out to others to help jumpstart their professional career. Doostang, an invitation-only job network, is also a point of comparison.

  21. MySpace To Announce Self-Serve Hyper Targeted Advertising Network – TechCrunch.Com

    SelfServe by MySpace will allow advertisers to directly purchase, create (see screen shot below) and analyze the performance of ads throughout the MySpace network, in a similar fashion to Google Adwords,

  22. Sex acts copied from online porn sites – National – TheAge.Com.Au

    “We’ve found that when they view that stuff they feel compelled to copy it,”. He said a survey on cyber-bullying run via Girlfriend magazine showed that 41 per cent had been asked to post a naked or semi-naked picture on the internet.

  23. Laptops for Babies – Random-Good-Stuff .Com

    Get them started early … and please use RGS as the start page .. lol. Look in this baby-safe mirror to see images appear as baby explores concepts like ABCs, 123s, colors, shapes, animals and more.

  24. O2 lifts 200MB data usage cap for the iPhone – SlashGear.Com

    There is no limit on the monthly network usage. However if we feel that your activities are so excessive that other customers are detrimentally affected, we may give you a written warning (by email or otherwise).

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