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  1. Dell to sell computers at Best Buy stores – Coolest-Gadgets.Com

    Dell will be adding a new way to market its computers by teaming up with Best Buy, making available a wide range of its award-winning XPS and Inspiron notebook and desktop computers, including the recently released XPS One.

  2. New Miss California Crowned After Mix-Up – ABCNews.Go.Com

    It’s not just the contestants of Miss America that get things wrong – “Miss California USA organizers say they got that wrong, but corrected themselves by crowning Miss Barstow, Raquel Beezley, they said rightfully earned the title.”

  3. Sub Domains To Be Treated As Folders By Google – SearchEngineLand.Com

    News flash from Las Vegas PubCon. Matt Cutts informed us that Google will very soon begin treating subdomains and subdirectories the same in this fashion: there will be only 2 total urls from a domain in any set of search results.

  4. Andrew Thistleton accused of assault by snowball in US – Herald Sun – News.Com.Au

    WAS it good fun with a snowball or a malicious unprovoked attack with an iceball? A US jury is deciding the fate of Australian Andrew Thistleton who is accused of throwing a snowball at former co-worker Michelle Oehlert.

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  1. Nokia N96 gets spotted: Is this the new Nokia N-series phone? Photos leaked – PhoneReviews.Com

    The phone known as the Nokia N96 was spotted over on a Netherlands-based GSM phone Web site with some revealing photos which are obviously leaked. A dual slider phone that reveals a QWERTY keyboard split in half by the screen.

  2. Microsoft trails XP on XO laptop –

    Microsoft is reportedly about to start field tests of Windows XP working on the $100 XO laptop from One Laptop Per Child in 2008. Microsoft’s James Utzschneider, writing on his blog, said: “We are hard at work on the project here.

  3. Internet Explorer vs. Firefox: what browser is more secure? – Product-Reviews.Net

    As you would expect Jeff Jones from Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Group has stated that Internet Explorer is more secure over its competition Mozilla Firefox. Many experts believe that this study is flawed.

  4. Sewers Could Cut The Price Of Broadband – Product-Reviews.Net

    A firm in Britain has claimed that if we used the UK’s sewer network it would drastically cut down the costs of broadband. H20 began installing broadband fibres in 360,000 mile sewer systems in 2003 but this may take some time.

  5. Apple iphone 1.1.3 firmware update: disk mode and voice memo recording – Product-Reviews.Net

    You got to love rumors and this one looks like a solid one at that, CNet France are claiming that there will be an Apple iPhone 1.1.3 update which could come this weekend. Rumored to include some features that many users have been asking for.

  6. Japan’s Bloggers: Humble Giants of the Web – WashingtonPost.Com

    While Americans blog to stand out, the Japanese do it to fit in, blogging about small stuff: cats and flowers, bicycles and breakfast, gadgets and TV stars. Blog postings, 37 percent in Japanese, 36 percent in English and 8 percent in Chinese.

  7. Google Code Blog: Embed charts in webpages with one of our simplest APIs yet – Google-Code-Uupdates.Blogspot.Com

    This URL:×100&chl=Hello|World – That’s it – no state, no calls, just send your data in an http request and get a png image graph back. Embed the request in an img tag and you’re done.

  8. NBC boss Jeff Zucker is expected to make big cuts on the newsgathering – NYPost.Com

    NBC boss Jeff Zucker is expected to make big cuts on the newsgathering and operational side of the company’s news division, including eliminating an entire level of MSNBC’s management team, in a bid to save between $20 million and $40 million.

  9. Corporate Bloggers Launch the “Blog Council” Organization – BlogCouncil.Org

    Issues the Council will address include: * How do global brands manage blogs in more than one language? * What do you do when 2000 employees have personal blogs? * What is the correct way to engage and respond to bloggers.

  10. Online Social Networking: The Employer’s Dilemma – WhitePapers.TheRegister.Co.UK

    Valuable insight into the legal issues around the use of online social networking in the workplace. It highlights the areas causing employers most concern and provides guidance on how you can take practical steps to avert the dangers.

  11. Western Digital network drives crippled — not serving any multimedia files – BoingBoing.Net

    “tech companies crippling data devices in order to please Hollywood: Western Digital is disabling sharing of any avi, divx, mp3, mpeg, and many other files on its network connected devices; due to unverifiable media license authentication’.”

  12. PS3 Blu-ray update coming this month – PlayStation Universe – PSU.Com

    Profile 1.1. This new update adds support for next-gen Blu-ray playback features such as picture-in-picture playback, which for 2 separate viewing windows, one where the director could be talking while in the other, the film playing.

  13. Nigerian Spammers turn to cashcards – 419ers flash big bucks cashcard – TheRegister.Co.UK

    After the Board of director’s meeting held in Abuja, we have resolved in finding a solution to your problem. We have arranged your payment through our SWIFT CARD PAYMENT CENTRE in Europe, America,Africa and Asia Pacific.

  14. German Wikipedia attacked over Nazi symbolism – TheRegister.Co.Uk

    Katina Schubert, a deputy leader of the Left party, told Reuters she’d sought legal advice before making her move, explaining: “The extent and frequency of the symbols on it goes beyond what is needed for documentation and political education”

  15. AlternativeEnergy is a Network About Just That – Mashable.Com

    From RSS readers to a mentoring system, AlternativeEnergy will find that it’s either doing too much, or has chosen the right set of cues to pay attention to. A green lifestyle website interested in a mentor system and education.

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